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From Marielle Fisher of Vermont: "I love your jams and am happy to say that I feel good about putting such a delicious jam into my body. Whereas most jams are about the sugar, Lightfoot Farm jams are about the fruit! You can taste the care that is put into each batch and they are definitely my favorite jams in Vermont."

From Melinde of Vermont:: "We opened up the Lightfoot Farm Apple Butter to have on toast in the am and then had it as a side with chicken and squash. It was so very delicious. I can't even describe how much we enjoyed your gourmet apple butter. It was fabulous!"

From Paula of Vermont: " Al was quite pleased to receive your ruby red jar of Raspberry Jam- sweetened with agave and complete with the desired seeds.  I tasted it today and found it to be scrumptious.  It didn't have that sickening sugary aftertaste in my mouth or the feelings of illness that soon overcome me after consuming white sugar.  I was very impressed!  He asked me to be sure to let you know how much he appreciated and is enjoying your delicious jam."

From Elisabeth Hebert of Vermont: "I want to thank you again for the wonderful jam you brought me. I ate the blackberries on my bread for breakfast, have some of the strawberries left over, they went in my yoghurt and wanted to keep the raspberries, his favorite for Peter. You did a wonderful job, they are really extraordinary!"

Links: We like to support other herbalists here at Lightfoot Farm. For information on St. Johns Wort and to learn about other herbal products available for purchase, you can click on the link

Lakon Herbals offers Therapeutic Skin Care and Body Care Formulas and was established in 1986.

To order Lightfoot Farm herbal teas go to our Etsy shop at

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