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Maple Sweetened Jams

We use our farm grown berries, our farm maple syrup, and Pomona pectin to produce a low sugar product.  When berry supplies run out we purchase organically grown berries. 

Sizes:  4 oz. for $5.00 and 8 oz. for $8.00

Flavors include blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, red currant and black currant*

Dried Floral Wreaths

Wreaths come in two sizes, 12" for $29 and 15" for $37

Holiday Wreaths and Swags

14" Wreath-  $17

17" Wreath- $22

Swag $16

Herbal Teas

Taste of Summer- This tea contains lemon balm, hibiscus, peppermint, wild mint, and lavender. Hibiscus may lower blood pressure and help to reguate cholesterol in people with diabetes. It also has antioxidant effects. Taste of suummer tea is delicious hot or cold.

Flavor of Fall (AKA Hibiscus Spice)- This tea is made with our farm grown lemon balm, peppermint, & wild mint, organic hibiscus, organic dried apples, and organic mulling spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, star anise, and orange peel). This tea should be steeped for a minimum of 15 minutes for best flavor.

Winter Immunity- This tea is made with our farm grown wild mint, wild peppermint, staghorn sumac berries, rosehips, dried elderberries, mullein leaf, and raspberry leaf . To this mix we add outsourced, organic wild cherry bark. The mints contain menthol which is good for relieving congestion in the respiratory system. The sumac berries and rosehips are loaded with vitamin C, which is good for the immune system.  The elderberries and raspberry leaves help to boost immunity. The mullein in the tea promotes healthy lung function and the cherry bark is soothing for coughs.

Tulsi Tea (AKA Holy Basil)- We grow tulsi on our farm and use this until our supplies run out. Then we purchase organic tulsi from other growers. Tulsi is known as an adaptogen with antioxidant, neuro-protective, and stress-reducing properties. It may also protect one from radiation poisoning during cancer treatment. Tulsi has blood thinning abilities and therefore should be avoided if one is taking blood thinners, such as Coumarin.  It lowers blood sugar, so avoid use with medicines that lower blood sugar. 

Special-Tea for SleepThis tea contains our farm grown skullcap, lemon  balm, lavender, and outsourced stevia leaf.  The herbs in this tea calm the nerves and may help one to fall asleep at night. Stevia has been used traditionally as a sweetener for many years. In fact, in South America it has been in use for more than 1500 years. Stevia has a negligible effect on blood glucose.  Those who have liver problems should exercise caution as overuse of skullcap may have negative effects on the liver.

Rejuvenation Tea- This tea contains our farm grown tulsi, lemon balm, spearmint, and rose petals. To this blend we add outsourced organic licorice root and organic cinnamon bark. Tulsi has antioxidant and neuroprotective properties.  Rose petals and licorice root can improve adrenal gland function.  Rose petals may help to get rid of waste and toxic substances in the body, through the kidneys (  Licorice root may also help with heartburn and gastro-intestinal disorders.

Time for Pause Tea-  This tea contains our farm grown red clover, nettle leaf, comfrey leaf, and linden flowers. To this mix we add purchased organic milky oats and organic stevia.  This tea is good to drink during menopause and post menopause.  Red clover is rich in isoflavones, chemicals that act like estrogens.  It may help with hot flashes, cardiovascular health, and osteoporosis, but studies so far are inconclusive.  Red clover contains low levels of coumarins, which thin the blood, so take caution when using blood thinners. Nettles may help to rehydrate vaginal tissues and maintain healthy bones. They contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, and micronutrients that are nourishing for many body functions. Comfrey may help strengthen bones, hydrate vaginal tissue, and soothe joint pain.

Wild Peppermint Tea-  We grow our own wild peppermint on the farm, which we gathered from a local source and propagated from cuttings for our own use.  This was to ensure constant availability, as the wild patch was recently destroyed. Peppermint contains menthol, which is beneficial for the respiratory system.  Drinking peppermint tea may also help  maintain healthy digestion and relieve tension headache pain. Currently out of stock

Stinging Nettle-  We grow stinging nettle on our farm and sell it dried in cellophane bags. Nettle was used by native Americas to aid in pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing. It was best known for its ability to ease pain in muscles and joints caused by arthritis. It is used to treat urinary disorders, as well as prostate diseases.  It may reduce sneezing and itching from hay fever by decreasing the body's production of histamines in response to allergens. It may also be effective against ulcers, intestinal inflammation, and hemorrhoids.

Tall Tins and Short TinsOur teas are ​available in tall tins with tea bags for $11 each (Hibiscus Spice is $12) and short tins with loose leaf tea for $8 each (Hibiscus Spice is $9). Cello bags

 (Nettles only) are $4 each. The cellophane bags we use are all compostable. To order teas online, check out our Etsy site at

We are now using a biodegradable cellophane bag to pack up our tea bags!

Tips for Making Teas

To make a cup of hot tea, boil water and pour over tea bag or infuser and steep for 3-5 minutes (15 mins. for Flavor of Fall).  Use one heaping teaspoon per cup or 1 level tablespoon.  For iced teas use approx. 1/3 more tea leaves and steep for at least 15 minutes.

Black Currant Syrup 

$12 per bottle

The black currant syrup is made with our farm grown black currants, our jostaberries, and our maple syrup.  Currants are super berries and are very high in anti-oxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients. Black currant syrup soothes coughs and sore throats due its superior ability to strengthen the immune system. Research has shown that the anthocyanins in black currants may have a beneficial effect on Alzheimer dementia.

Uses for the Syrup:  Black currant syrup can be used in cocktail recipes in place of the liqueur called crème de cassis. Cocktails made with black currant syrup include Cardinals made with red wine and syrup, Kirs made with white wine and syrup, and Kir Royales made with champagne and syrup. You can also add syrup to beer.  When flavoring water or seltzer, ¼ cup of syrup should be added to 1 cup of liquid. The syrup can also be poured over ice cream. In Norway they drink a mixture of water and syrup hot and call it Solbaertoddy. 

Map​le Products

Gallon- $50

1/2 Gallon $30

Quart $18

Pint $11

Maple Cream 4 oz. $5, 8 oz. $9


Our maple syrup is boiled over a wood fire. This produces that wonderful maple flavor we are all so familiar with, which develops as the sugars are caramelized.

 Our syrup is also bird-friendly certified by VT Audubon. 

Full Spectrum CBD Salve

Our CBD salve is made with our farm grown hemp bud​s, which are infused in organic coconut oil with additional organic lecithin. Our plants are grown outside, harvested in the fall, and dried in our barn. Then our cured hemp buds are slowly heated in coconut oil for 6 hours, which extracts the cannabinoids and decarboxylates the CBD acid, converting it to CBD (cannabidiol). Our CBD products are full spectrum and contain all the cannabinoids from the hemp. There is some THC in our products, below the 0.3% required by federal law. Our coconut oil infusion is lab tested. Beeswax is added to the salve to keep it from melting at higher temperatures. 

1.7 oz. jars $20 ea. 

With essential oils, arnica, or St. John's wort $23 ea.

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